4ourty8 CT Artist: Shows us How to Bend the Rules

4ourty8, an innovator, song-writer, engineer and artist from Waterbury, CT just released his 1st single off his mixtape King of the Backwoods, titled Bend the Rules (Produced By: Dez Wright & Directed By: Edwin Escobar) Since the video release LOTS of positive feedback has been coming from fans! Needless to say, the song is very catchy and has some dope visuals to go along with it.


4ourty8 is apart of the Millennial era and has been making music for most of his life. Afterexperiencing the tragical loss of his mother due to cancer, He began writing poetry. He eventually tied in his love for music which made it only right to begin recording. His passion and drive towards making music was constant, which led to 4ourty8 recording and engineering his own songs. Once he started, there was NO stopping him. He began to find his sound in music that the industry has been lacking. 4ourty8 represents a thriving youth. His mission as an artist is to instill morals and values of the positivity in living a better life and doing right for yourself and others through his music.

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