6 Reasons Why We Love Chase Aaron

It’s #XXI Season.

Chase Aaron is back at it again but this time he’s releasing his ENTIRE album!
After collaborating with Evan Navarro, Chase has decided to include a virtual photo gallery with the album when downloaded.

Chase Aaron has been on fire this entire year. From releasing his single Radio in August, being featured on several music blogs, his release of Power, and his #WTFWednesday my question for him is, “Do you sleep?” I know as a Full Sail Student they embed such crazy hours into your system that sleep is there when you’re finished with a project.

“Writing albums in about an hour homie” #Power

In my eye’s Chase Aaron is #trending. His music captures your attention, and makes you want to listen over and over. I have to admit; I’ve been playing Radio in my car on my way to work because just like his lyrics say, “I hope these lyrics get stuck in your head until you start repeating them.” They are indeed stuck in my head. I have been anticipating Chase Aarons album because unlike most upcoming artists he uses his artistic ability to cover all aspects of his brand.

            The quality of his album artwork, music videos, and photos are what keep his fans following. It’s amazing to see an individual using his creativity in ways that Chase does. I must say out of all the artists I’ve worked with or been around he’s one that stands out. As for irrelevant bloggers posting on behalf of music they probably never listened to, I would never compare Chase Aarons music to a “pre 2010” Kanye West. Chase Aarons music to me reminds is unique. When I listen to Power I don’t think of who does he sound like, I just vibe.

I also took notice that not only does Chase produce his own music but he does make beats so if you’re looking to work with Chase follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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