Justyce Presents Beautiful Pain Remix

Justyce has just released a remix to MGK’s Lead You On, Beautiful Pain.

Rapper || Independent Artist || Articulator

JustyJustyce_2014ce is an independent rapper residing in Orlando, FL. Justyce focuses his time and energy into what he loves most and that’s music. It’s good to see small town artists making moves within the industry. Justyce has also been doing shows in the Orlando area this past summer with even being an opening act for Joell Ortiz. It’s clear that you have to start somewhere in the industry and Justyce is doing just that. He’s paying his dues just like the rest of the artists who have worked their way to the top. Nowadays, a record deal isn’t just handed to you. Since the competition is so high and everyone is trying to make it you need to continue to put out music, do shows, and build your brand. I have been following Justyce’s journey through the industry and I must say he does not stop! If he believes in something he’s going to make it happen by all means.

In a recent interview I asked Justyce,”Do you relate yourself to any of the artists that inspire you, by the way you articulate your music and the beats that you have?”

J: “Oh yeah, I am relate myself more to MGK because everything I write about is something I’ve lived through, dealt with or been around.”


 Don’t forget to comment your thoughts! If you’re looking to collaborate with Justyce email him here.

Be sure to check out Justyce’s ReverbNation, SoundCloud, Twitter as well as his Facebook page!! ♫♪

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