Kandice Gloria Brand Story

My name is Kandice Gloria and I live in a small town in Connecticut. My passion and interests for the entertainment industry, music, events and PR has landed me where I am today. I’m an active blogger, and a graduate student pursuing a master’s of art degree in public relations. This has really pointed my brand in the right direction because I already have a Bachelor of Science degree in entertainment business from Full Sail University.

People always ask me, “Why are you furthering your education in PR if you already have a bachelors in entertainment business.” Well after I interned for one of Clear Channel Communications radio stations in my area, I realized that I didn’t only want to be just an event coordinator, but a PR professional as well. As a PR professional not only are you writing press releases, creating campaigns or promoting a brand, you’re thinking strategically and creatively.

My interest in the PR industry mainly focuses on the music industry. My brand is all about creating interesting and informative content that promotes and brands national and international artists. Since I’m an active blogger, my website consists of artist features, press kit services, and different events in my area. Not only is my interest in the PR industry but event coordinating, and logistics. Prior to graduation I got the opportunity to work alongside the event coordinator for the WWE NXT which was located on the Full Sail University campus. Here, I was able to learn the in’s and out’s of event logistics! The entertainment industry is an exciting industry to work in, and is very competitive! Working in PR will give me the opportunity to combine my passions into one field.

Please visit my website www.kandicegloria.com and reach out to me at kandicegloria@gmail.com

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