Ricky Jarman Releases New Single: LUCKY


Ricky Jarman Releases New Single : LUCKY

Ricky Jarman is going to be a name that you wont want to forget. This hip hop/pop singer, songwriter, performer and model has been making his way through the music industry at a rapid pace. We have been following this thriving artist since the beginning and are excited to see the new direction of his “re-branding” as an artist.

After Ricky Jarman released his single “Get to Know Ya” we knew instantly that the future of his career was going to be just as good or better.

I’m excited to announce that Ricky Jarman has FINALLY released his latest single, Lucky. The anticipation for this release has been crazy. The way Ricky has planned his song drop through social media has been strategically thought out in the best possible way. Ricky has stayed engaged with his fans with such excitement until the moment his song released. Talk about giving the fans what they want!

Prior to his video release, Ricky reached out to me and let me get a sample of Lucky. Can I just say it’s been on replay and oh I’ve been singing it at least once a day. Thanks Ricky. Thanks!

Needless to say, I was really interested on the back story of his song. Lucky was recorded at The Harmonix Factory Studio in Raleigh, NC. Produced by Sam Harmonix. Co-written by Ricky Jarman and Sam Harmonix. What I was really interested in was how long it took for him to create such a hit. “It took about 3 days to produce, write, and record it.” Last, after finally watching the music video of Lucky I enjoyed the story. I wanted to know the inspiration behind it. So I asked Ricky and he replied, “I wanted to create something outside of the box and something that could appeal to more then one demographic. It’s a universal desire to want to stay youthful forever so why not make a story line that makes the viewer feel lucky.”

Lucky tonight, Lucky tonight.
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