Ricky Jarman Releases his latest single: With A Devil

Ricky Jarman Released his latest single: “With A Devil” 

Can you guess who is back at it again with another great hit? Ricky Jarman that’s who! He just released his latest single “With A Devil” that was co-written by both Ricky Jarman and Sam Harmonix. This track was also produced by The Harmonix Factory. I must say I cannot get enough. The fact I keep replaying you singing , “See I feel like I fell in love ,it’s another level, I fell in love with a devil.” Could be a problem? or it could be that your song is just so catchy (like all of your music) that it’s meant to be played over and over! Oh, and can I just say your album artwork is HOT!

This rising Pop/R&B sensation has been continuing to rise to the top and it looks like there is no stopping him! He has proved time and time again that he is more than just the nice guy next door, since he has been blessing the airways with his lyrical charm.

Check out the IndieGoGo Campaign created that will help fund the official “With A Devil” music video! I can’t wait to see the outcome of this music video because all of his videos are entertaining. They aren’t like most mainstream videos. His music videos shows his personality and tells a story that EVERYONE can relate to. Keep up the great work Ricky! Your musical journey is inspiring, the sky is the limit with your talent! Continue doing what you love.

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