Stay Ahead of the Competition with Pocket!

Living in the world of PR there are many things you need to remember! There are only so many hours in a day to stay active on social media, read the latest news, organize your schedule, store all of your important information, and grab a cup of coffee. So what If I told you that there are applications for your smartphone, android, and iPod that can help you keep track of everything. Almost like your own personal assistant!

Save to PocketSmartphone with cloud of application icons

After reviewing several applications one of the easiest applications I have found that can impact a PR professionals work is Pocket. Pocket is a free application and with new content constantly coming up Pocket gives you the opportunity to save articles and videos that you can view whenever, wherever. The best part is you don’t even need Internet connection! Pockets platform is easy to use, and has a simple layout. Once you open pocket it saves all your content in a list formation in order from most recent. Pocket also lets you tag, archive, favorite, delete and share any item that you save on your list.


Pocket is not only available on an android, iPhone, and iPod but is also available for your computer. Using Pocket on my iPod was very convenient because It lets you enable the pocket share option to save from your phones Internet browser and other apps. You’re also able to save content from any app even if it doesn’t have a Pocket button just by emailing the link to One thing I found unique about Pocket is that you can save things to Pocket from over 800 different applications like Twitter, Flipboard, and Feedly!



Pocket can improve its application by letting videos be downloaded and viewed without Internet access. This way you can view all content you save without being connected to the Internet. Pocket can also improve by adding more features than just saving content to view for later. Pocket should also be an app for organization. The application should let you save content per topic. For example, if you’re saving content related to Public Relations there should be a specific list for all things related to Public Relations. This will keep professionals more organized!

Wish App

If I can have the ultimate app for all my PR, blogging, and content creation it would be called, Handee. Handee will be an app for all PR professionals who want all of their favorite app features available on one application. Handee will be an easy to use application, available on all smartphones, iPods, and iPads. This application will include a sidebar with each feature such as social media, organization, storage, and a library of the latest news. Handee will be accessible with all social media, email, and even WordPress! Can you image writing an entire blog post with hyperlinks, images and videos all over an application that formats your post to look clean and professional? Well look no further an application that can make PR work easier over a mobile device, is almost here! So instead of having a library full of applications, this one app will be able to take care of your entire PR needs.

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