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Boost Your Instagram Story Views

Overtime I've realized just how important it is to post on your Instagram Story especially if you're a business or a brand. Instagrams algorithm is interesting to say the least and by making sure your Instagram story content is worth watching I have a few tips and tricks to help you boost your Instagram Story views!

#1 Clipboard & Copy iPhone Users

I'm telling you this will have you MIND BLOWN.

All you have to do for this one is select the photos you want to use to make a collage right on the Instagram Story page instead of going into an another app to make the collage.

All you have to do is - Screen shot the photos you want to use for the collage, crop it out how you like it, then go and hit copy. From there go to your Instagram and click the story button. Take a quick picture of a solid background.

Now if you don't how already you can change the background color of your instagram story by simply clicking the brush button, then holding down the color you want on the background. Sounds easy right? Then from there click the text icon. Hold down until it gives you the option to either paste, clipboard, etc. Add as many photos as you'd like - and THERE YOU GO an easy peasy instagram story collage.

#2 Sticker Responses

Have you ever wondered how when someone on instagram asks a question and they share all the responses on one post instead of individual? WELL, I got you covered. This helps to put everything all in one place instead of individual.

So, first thing is first. Ask a question to your audience. One you get a few responses pick the one you want to repost and click share response.

As we've done previously, I love changing the background color so if you'd like you can do the same then from there screen shot the image. Then from there go back and chose another response - share response.

Chose the image you just screen shotted and then drag the next response where ever you'd like you can do this up to as many times as you want!

#3 Turning LIVE Photos into Boomerangs

This one is one of my favorites. Who else likes taking LIVE photos? I DO, I DO. Well instagram gives you the option to post your live photos on your story and turn them into a boomerang.

Here is how: Grab your live photo post it to your instagram story. Hold down. and BOOM! It turns it into a boomerang.

#4 Magic Eraser

Instagram Magic Eraser

This one is a fun trick if you want to only reveal a portion of what the picture you posted. Ready?

Open your Instagram Story - Take a photo of anything - From there pick a background color so I typically chose yellow and tap and hold the screen as you did for hack #1.

This now covers the ENTIRE image with that color. Then take the eraser tool. and BOOM magic eraser style.

#5 Gif options and beyond

I'm always about the GIFS - Sometimes I find myself searching and searching until I find the right one and even then I'm sometimes just settling for whatever because I can't find a good one.

Have no fear. WE can now add more and more creative gifs to our stories. All you have to do is..

Check out Giphy. Chose all your favorites just by adding it to your camera roll. From there just like we did on hack #1 click the text button - paste and BOOM there is your Gif.

If this posted helped you in your Instagram journey feel free to leave a comment! Happy posting!!

- KG

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